The Burrow Cherrybrook was thought about and created by local family members Justin & Christine Camilleri. Their vision was to create a space away from the main drag, a hideaway as such, where members of the local Cherrybrook community could enjoy great quality food and beverages in a relaxing environment.

“We are particularly focused on sourcing fresh ingredients from thelocal markets and producing simple but excellent quality food for all our customers to enjoy. We are very proud of our staff and in housechefs and the food they serve and create.”

Justin comes from a background of food, beverage & craft beer and being a qualified Barista takes his coffee very seriously. Christine comes from an accounting and logistics background so thrives on all the paperwork that comes from running a small business.

The Burrow would like to constantly evolve its menu, creating new and exciting dishes, while always maintaining our fresh foodstandards and keeping the ‘oldies but goodies’ on the menu.”

“The ultimate vision for The Burrow is to be that ‘Third Space’, thefirst being home, second being work and the Third Space being that somewhere in between that you can escape the hustle and bustle ofeveryday life.”