Add a touch of Beer, A little whisky & great tapas!

Add a touch of craft beer, a little local distillery & a bunch of great tapas and you are in for a great evening!!. On Thursday night the 20th Feb the recently renovated Burrow got together with @bridgeroadbrewers & @corowawhiskydistillery to do something special for the local community of Cherrybrook. Typically there is not much food & drink matching nights within the area and this is something The Burrow Cherrybrook would like to change!. It was an evening filled of Mexican spiced chicken tacos, Celtic red ales & single batch whiskies which went down an absolute treat. asking the owner Justin what he wanted to do " We just wanted a night where we could treat our local clientele to something special, a place to relax and unwind with some mates and to enjoy some good food & drinks".

The Burrow operates Friday & Saturday nights for dinner and will continue on this path of doing special night time events in the near future!

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